Monday, May 29, 2006

Zarqawi''s senior aide, two assistants arrested in Iraq

BAGHDAD, May 29 (KUNA) -- A senior aide of Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was captured in Baghdad Sunday evening.

Qasim Al-Aani, one of the most wanted people in Iraq, was arrested with two other insurgents, Defense Ministry spokesman Kassim Al-Mosawi told reporters.

Chief of the 3rd Brigades in the Iraqi Army Jawad Roomi Al-Daini told KUNA Al-Aani is a leader of an insurgent group and is behind many attacks in several Iraqi districts.

He said Al-Aani was involved in the assassination of the son of Chief Justice of Iraqi Supreme Court, Judge Madhat Al-Mahmoud, pointing out that the killer's brother, who is a member in the terrorist group, was also arrested.

Details about the arrest were not revealed.

The Multi-National Force announced in a statement that coalition forces arrested a wanted insurgent and two suspects.

It said two people surrendered as the forces were arresting the suspects, while one tried to escape by jumping in a nearby swamp. Arrested suspects told the forces the runaway is the wanted terrorist.

The insurgents' car was destroyed at the place of the arrest, the statement added. (pickup previous) mhg.


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