Friday, April 28, 2006

Widespread abuse in US military against Iraqis

"The premise for the Iraq war, the conduct of US troops, the veracity of claims that Iraqis are liberated and claims that Iraq is free and in a state of progress continue to come under scrutiny.

And under scrutiny the lies are unraveled and military conduct is further blemished.

The revelation of the horrors, abuses, murders and atrocities committed against Iraqis detained at Abu Ghraib is continuing to make headlines in world media as a little more of the extent of these crimes is revealed every week, every month.

In the latest of such reports: "
Truth About Iraqis
Funny how they complain that there is not justice and no democracy, yet these people are free to conduct their investigation and file their report. I think that some people have made a mistake and are thinking of instant coffee


Anonymous Dr Doc dlcs said...

one would have to see the reports, study their authintisity, rereview the reports, have the folks over at fox-news-magazine take a look at them and then ship them to comrad-foxtrottzulu then wire them to:

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