Friday, April 28, 2006

Ground Hog Day....

"Im kinda bummed out....Not cuz we are leaving, on the contrary, as I said that it is something we wanted to do...Im bummed out at the attitude we are getting from the management of the organisation...They lied to HUBBY apparantely and told him that it was the Government's (US) decision for wanting him out...OMG...When our Col found out that this was said, he went upto HUBBY and told him, that the Gov Leads do not ever interfere with the Organisation's staffing policies, and that he never had a problem with HUBBY...He said that he will be sending his complaints to the leadership back in the US...Cuz apparantely this is not the first time that this organisation used the Gov's name in ending someone's assignment...I was glad the Col had a talk with HUBBY...that really meant alot to us...LTC Nice Guy (Im gonna give them nicknames to hide their identities) also had really nice words for me..."
Neurotic Iraqi Wife


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