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"So, Iraq is at point of civil war based on disagreements between two religion factions which ACTUALLY predicate on the teachings of Muhammad . BOTH Muslims and both are burning each others mosques. NICE!
So cartoons are an insult to ISLAM so whatta fuck is the burning of a Mosque ? Imagine if mosques were burning in the USA?! OH THE INFAMY , THE FLAG BURNNG, THE DECAPITATIONS

If it hasn’t dawn on anyone at the White House, this is not LIBERTY we brought to Iraq this is LIBERTINAGE. Freedom and democracy will work as well in Iraq as it would in the jungles of Africa. Ask monkeys to establish a democratic government in the middle of the jungle, you will have better success.

Iraq has been totally washed out as a military power, the objective has been accomplished and YES Virginia there WERE WMD and the recordings from SADDAM speaking about them are FINALLY filtering through (SO FUCK YOU ‘RATS) Mission accomplish and . Let’s bring the kids home!"
I'm almost afraid to post this, but I guess I have too.
"it's time to move on" But where too? does anyone out there still know how to ride a horse


Blogger B Will Derd said...

Wow, some of the commenters over there make me look like James Earl Freaking Carter!

Caught your comments over at CoM. What do you make of TT and his latest giant attacking spider story? Do you think he believes it? I suspect he may be sitting in wet pants hoping this blows over or it gets directed at the US as he would like. I am increasingly supicious that he is something more than a 'moral' supporter of the insurgency. I keep thinking about his oft interogated neighbor and former Revo Guard officer (and if there is one, there are many--they have their own little subdivisions I'm told) and TT's stating that he is obligated to help his neighbor who is in a struggle against an invader. Wouldn't surprise me if the Sunni insurgency throws their brothers of the Wahabbi/ Al Qeida mother under the bus as they are backing out pretty soon, just to preserve their own superior backsides. I hope we are letting the Shia have their way with the right people as much as possible.

4:40 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

Didn't see anything about giant attacking spiders? where did you see it, was it in one of the links he posted in the comments? I haven't had time to follow them yet. Been sick all weekend and I'm just getting out of bed this morning, must have been something I ate.

8:02 AM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

Sorry--the giant attacking spider was a reference to TT's first attempt at anti-coalition propaganda. If you didn't see it, he included a picture of two camelback spiders locked together and being held up in such a way to make them appear huge in comparison to the soldier in the background along with a picture of a really bad brown recluse bite. He used it to support rumors he had heard of giant spiders, never before seen in Iraq, attacking US forces in Fallujah. Their were some Imam's calling them Allah's heaven sent aid to the jihad, and I figure his rumor stemmed from that. I haven't taken much else he says very seriously since, and always think of the giant spiders when reading some of the Iraqi conspiracy theories. If you google giant spiders iraq, a lot do because the picture is one that has been emailed extensively, TT's effort is among the top pages. The eyewitness stories of American involvement with uniformed ING seem just as silly to me, but I have come to think he believes such things are true and that he is hardly a rarity among Arabsw in that regard.

Hope you feel better.

9:08 AM  
Blogger madtom said...

OK I knew about the old stories, and the nasty pictures of what looked like brown spider bites. I have been very suspicious about the Eye witness reports also, but some have come from the more reputable sites. Who knows, maybe we were patrolling and maybe it was the ING that let the terrorist in, most likely the Sadr militia, I read somewhere this morning that the smaller dome were the 12th Imam is hiding was not touched. so Sadr and some Iranian demolition experts in cohorts with the ING is not such a wild eyed conspiracy?? Again Who knows.

There was a guy on c-span this morning I think National Review, that was just back from Iraq, you know what he had to say. That every military commander that he spoke too in Iraq said they needed more troops, on the order of 200,000 troops to be a minimally functioning force, they told him that without the extra troops there was no way to maintain order. So I have to ask you again, because we have gone over this before. Who's to blame?

11:49 AM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

Did he say if those same commanders thought it would be preferable to have the additional forces? I have heard some say the same thing, but they do NOT think it would be wise to try to 'maintain' order in the context of the question. Who is to blame? Try the American people who would not stomach the amount of killing and casualties that it would take to clamp down and keep the clamp down for many years to come. What are we to do, shoot looters et al. and imprison half the population? Which half? I'm sure that would improve our standing with the rest of the world and the left here at home.

If the ING comes through this 'crises', then it will demonstrate real progress in their effectiveness and cohesiveness, progress made neccesary because we are not doing it all for them. If we did, they would never be ready but instead take their paychecks in the security provided for them by others. That is human nature which seems to be even more prevelant among Iraqis than most. They need to see that they have to do it or it won't get done. I think we have tried too much instead of not enough. I know in many areas of Iraq once the scene of a lot of casualties, we are suffering more injuries due to basketball than combat, literally, because Iraq troops are carrying the load. We may not be turning over an ideal Iraq, but we are turning one over with which they can do as they desire---it is NOT our fault that many seem to desire a hell hole or lack the initiative to crawl out of one on their own. Who is to blame? Fundamentalist Islam which fosters a mindset that life is full of suffering and death, jihad of all sorts (because of infidels and heretical Muslims), and that life begins after you have done your suffering and killing for Allah on Earth. That sure as hell isn't our fault or our invention. The Islamic world became a toilet long before they knew there was an America to blame. I don't expect us to perform miracles, and I don't think we should be ashamed of what has been accomplished in three years. It hasn't been pretty and full of screwups, but history always is. We have become a nation of pundits and critics with few historians to put it all into perspective.

12:29 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

Try the American people who would not stomach the amount of killing and casualties that it would take to clamp down and keep the clamp down for many years to come.

Have you gone lefty on me, blame America first crowd?

What are we to do, shoot looters et al.

You got that right, shoot a few and the rest would have stayed home.

If the ING comes through this 'crises',

The ING is likely to have orchestrated this crisis

---it is NOT our fault that many seem to desire a hell hole or lack the initiative to crawl out of one on their own. Who is to blame? Fundamentalist Islam which fosters a mindset that life is full of suffering and death, jihad of all sorts (because of infidels and heretical Muslims),

And the open border policy, where did I read some jihadi saying that they were going to bring a million jihadist to Iraq, I think I posted it. Are we going to counter that threat, or are we going to sit here apologizing for the president?

You should have a job over at fox news.

12:56 PM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

And you should be a writer/food taster for Micheal Moore.

Blame America first? Just exactly who do you think elected Bush? You blame them for that, I blame them/us for not having the willingness to do war the way war should be done. If you aren't going to defeat the enemy, don't start a fight and don't move into his house after punching him in the nose. To bring about security we would have to go Saddam on them, and I don't think anyone really understood that, no matter what they like to pretend today. They sure as hell pretend to know what the differnet outcome would have been, which is asinine. It isn't just a matter of numbers, it has to do with the level of brutality you are willing to mete out. You don't take a mule that has been beaten his entire life and go plow a field with him by clucking your tongue--he'll just wait for you to get close enough so he can kick your teeth in. Trust me on that one.

I don't believe our mostly Sunni ING did the bombing--they would have thrown in some of our Shia militia detainees with fresh panties on their heads just to make it more efficient and believable. I'm not saying I can't see the logic behind it, but we could have done a much more discrete job while framing others much more definitively.

Do you honestly take any of what the purported Zarcoweee "LT" had to say? There must be a hell of a lot of turnover in that position. Personally, I would consider it a bonus if 1 million jihadist all gathered together--the artillery, air force and Navy are getting bored from what I hear. Warm up the virgins, Mohamed!
That whole 'interview' had the feeling of a eunoch gripping his hijab where his phantom nuts should be--mental masturbation and nothing more.

7:31 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

It isn't just a matter of numbers,

But yet the numbers keep coming up. I don't think we needed to go saddam on them, but we did need to provide some sense of security, we needed to be able to respond to the situation, and we needed to put a strong force on the ground. Overwhelming force and all that, not that I think it matters much now. Now I'm afraid you just might get what you want, Iraq is going to burn. Who knows what will come out of the ashes. I just hope we don't abandon the Kurds, god please don't let them abandon the Kurds, they are our last hope in the ME.

7:50 PM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

I don't want Iraq to burn, I just think it is likely destined to burn and probably would have no matter what. We don't invade---Saddam would be out from under sanctions and racing Iran to WMD 'supremacy' and to see who could get the 12th guy to come out from under that dome and slaughter all of us infidels, thereby winning the prize of 12 year old virgin girls and 9 year old boys in Paradise(look it up). Or, Saddam would have been taken out from within and there would be a bloodbath to make this one look like an intertribal goat roast with Iran, Syria, and Saudi fighting over the oysters at the final course. The place is fucked up and has been for centuries. We may have sped up the process and provided different tools form the preferred swords and garottes, but they kind of made it neccesary with their Osamas and WMD fetishes. I refuse to take the blame for that fact. The only things they have worth having came from the West or are needed by the West to produce those things they love to hate. EF'm already, time rolls on and shit happens--always has and always will, 80's and 90's being the exception. The one standing the tallest gets the least on him. The Metaphors flow like amber oak scented libations over crystal clear ice. Poker night!

On the Kurd issue, we are in agreement. I'd put on a bandanna and go without bathing to protest that myself. Whether Iraq rights itself or not, this is far from over and the Kurds need us at least as badly as we need them.

8:27 PM  

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