Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Whole Port Thing, considered ...

"It's pretty obvious to me that there was a quid pro quo cut somewhere along the line - one the Administration can't talk about.

It also seems that the ones who know ALL the details about the decision to back the deal are the ones sticking out their necks to let it go through.

Obviously, Congress can't keep a secret.

If the Bush Administration really wants this thing to go through, then I think everyone else needs to come off their meds. Yes, even Michelle Malkin."


Blogger B Will Derd said...

Other facts not noted--as well as being the most commonly used port of call in the ME by the Navy, it is also home of one of the biggest foreign US Army and Air Force base-one of the biggest in the world.. It is from there that the Predators do their thing and the base that some of the most hightly trained and specialized units call their home. Their neighbor, Qatar, is where we send our combat deployed troops for 5 days of R&R and they hang out with no problems. We'd be screwed without partners like them. I can see the argument that they would enhance security rather than harm it. These people are capitalists, not jihadists.

I also heard someone who seemed to know on one of the talking head shows say that the largest partner in the UEA World Ports is a DANISH company--that puts a different spin on thing. The majority of the employess are European. The kneejerk reaction in congress (election year) is pretty sad-- We demand the ME countries pick a side, then kick our best friend there in the nuts. I really am bewildered. Tom Delay and HRC on the same side--the Apocalypse cannot be far behind.

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