Monday, January 30, 2006

Critics Say Detaining Suspected Terrorists' Wives May Backfire

"Jan. 29, 2006— Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, there have been questions about U.S. troops' sensitivities to Islamic culture — especially when dealing with women. Now there are new questions about a tactic the military calls leveraging.

For example, marines found weapons and explosives in a woman's house and wanted her to lead them to her husband. The military says this sort of intimidation is a necessary tool.'
The money quote
"Karpinski, who was demoted after the Abu Ghraib incident, said she raised objections to leveraging with several of her commanders.

"It was one of the many issues that we raised — that I raised — with the head of the coalition task force, Gen. Sanchez," she said. "
We now know that this policy came right from the top.


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