Friday, December 23, 2005

Waiting for the "Civil Libertarians" to shift fire onto Clinton

"With all the whining and bitching going on about President Bush's use of NSA intercepts of communications between foreign terrorists and US persons, it is worth noting a very important parallel from the Clinton Administration. In the conduct of the FBI investigation into the espionage conducted by Aldrich Ames of the CIA, Clinton and AG Reno authorized a completely warrantless search of Ames' Arlington, VA home. I have no idea why Clinton and Reno refused to seek court approval for the search of the home of a US Citizen and government employee located within the Continental US. Perhaps they feared that Ames' CIA relationships might have tipped him off at the FISC, but that hardly seems plausible. What is most amazing to me is that a search of this nature did not initiate the "fruit of a poison tree"argument by his legal team. My recollection of the case is that he basically agreed to be fully debriefed on his treasonous activities in exchange for the US Attorney not to seek the death penalty for treason."
Froggy Ruminations
It's amazing how after eight years of being told that Clinton did noting to fight the war on terror and that he was a completely ineffective president, now we are being told that Clinton was the poster boy for national security.
Is it just little ole Froggy that senses a slight inconsistency here? Am I missing something?
No your not alone at all


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