Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Frenchman kidnapped in Iraq shown on Arabiya TV

"DUBAI (Reuters) - A little-known Iraqi militant group has threatened to kill a French engineer kidnapped in Iraq unless France ended its "illegitimate presence" in the Arab country, Al Arabiya television reported on Wednesday.

The Dubai-based television station aired a video from the "Surveillance for the Sake of Iraq Brigade" showing a man seated in front of militants who pointed rifles at his head. The man identified himself as Bernard.

Earlier this month, gunmen seized a French engineer in Baghdad, beating their screaming victim as they hauled him to their getaway car. He was later identified by French and Iraqi officials as Bernard Planche.

French and Iraqi officials said Planche was an employee of a non-governmental organisation and worked at the Rusafa water treatment plant in eastern Baghdad."
What presence? What are they talking about, the French in Iraq. Not French troops, so who do they what out, French engineers? I agree, either those money hungry French engineers get out or else we are going to chop his head off. Who is going to stop us? the other French engineers?


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