Friday, November 25, 2005

Sunni Sheik Calls for Unity After Bombing

"MAHMOUDIYA, Iraq (AP) - A day after 30 people died in a suicide bombing here, the preacher at a major Sunni Arab mosque Friday condemned the horrific attack and called for unity between Iraq's rival Muslim communities.

Still, resentment of the country's Shiite political parties runs high in this troubled town 20 miles south of Baghdad - along with anti-American sentiment.

"The targeting of innocent civilians yesterday cannot be accepted," sheik Murad al-Oujaili told the congregation at the 14th of Ramadan mosque, relating how a witness told him of an infant ripped from his mother's arm and hurled to his death by the force of the blast.

In the attack, a suicide bomber detonated his vehicle at the entrance to a hospital compound as American soldiers were there inspecting the facility and handing out candy to children. Four U.S. soldiers were slightly wounded. The dead included three women and two children."
Finally the Sunni are coming to their senses. I only hope this guy survives the night.


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