Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, It's November's Part II of the Largest Iraqi-Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere

Fay has not departed the Blogosphere. She's still posting at Iraqi in America and recently
had Thanksgiving Dinner (lots of photos) with the Alabama-Coushatta Indians, a tribe of Indians that
originally lived in Baghdad under Saddam's Big Wigwam and moved to Texas, when Saddam revoked their Gambling and Gaming licence to run the Big Ziggaraut Casino on the Tigris. Well, maybe not."
Iraqi Bloggers Central
This a post from "a rival blog" with a nice roundup of Iraqi blogging. And yes I do mean it when I say "RIVAL" Jeffrey can expect a whole flue of angry flaming e-mails from now on. Of course if you know Jeffrey, you know there is nothing he would like more than to start a flame war. Oh and you'll have to read the post to get the joke.


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