Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Day of National Accord.

"At this moment, the National Assembly is holding a ceremony celebrating the new breakthrough agreement on the constitution which President Talbani described as the “Day of National Accord”.
The ceremony is attended by the ministers of the cabinet as well as the presidency council and the president of the Kurdistan region, Masoud Barzani."
"A last minute agreement brings a more flexible constitution...

A surprising change of attitude by the Iraqi Islamic Party has dramatically shifted the balance towards ratifying the draft constitution.
An accord to approve the document has been reached and announced today in Baghdad between Iraqi Sheat, Kurdish and Sunni prominent political leaders after it seemed that all Sunni parties were going to encourage voters to vote ‘no’....I like this new rule and I think I will change my mind and vote with ‘yes’ as I wasn’t feeling prepared to accept the constitution as it is for whole eight years but now I feel much more hopeful.
The struggle for amendments will naturally be tough and tiring but no pain no gain they say."
I don't know what to think. In a way it's a good thing that they will continue to work out the kinks, the people of Iraq will get another chance to elect representative and get their voice heard in the constitution. And that is a good thing, these questions are hard and complicated and no one can expect that the first draft will be perfect.
Now I do believe that if this compromise to be able to keep working toward amendments right after the next election brings more people to the table, It's a very good thing. That said I only see benefits for big parties and sects, I still see nothing for the little guys, nor any hope that there voice will be heard or protected. I still vote no, but a little no. It's not that bad a compromise, but I would not go on the record with a Yes.


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