Sunday, September 25, 2005


"I've been a volunteer with Adopt-a-Platoon (“AAP”) for approximately five years (give or take), and I have to tell you that it is a WONDERFUL experience! It is hard to describe the feelings that go along with supporting a Soldier ~ the personal satisfaction of doing something for someone else, the bond you form with your "son" or "daughter" (even when you *never* hear from them, you still get amazingly attached!), a deeper appreciation of the sacrifice so many make on our behalf, and yes, even awful fear and *much* "maternal" worry as we listen to the news and hear of "our" Soldiers being in harm's way during this time of war. We do not just merely send letters ~ we give our hearts and souls to serving these brave men and women who so courageously serve us. We cry with each other when we hear of a loss, we encourage each other and comfort each other when we fear for "our" Soldier's safety. AAP is more than a volunteer organization ~ it is a close-knit "family" with a huge and loving heart."


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