Saturday, September 24, 2005

In making its report to the American public

"Having just returned from my third trip to Iraq, I came away with three thoughts.

One, real progress is being made, despite the ongoing security concerns. Two, the Bush administration should pull together an independent and balanced group of respected individuals to go to Iraq to conduct a critical review of our efforts. Three, a necessary element of this review would be communicating to the American public what it would mean to our country if the Iraq mission failed...

· How accurate a picture do we have of the insurgency?

· What can we do to get better tactical intelligence on the enemy?

· How reliable and effective is the growing Iraqi security establishment and what is its ethnic makeup?

· What will it take in terms of resources, organization and time to effectively control Iraq's borders?

· What criteria should guide the pace of withdrawal of American and coalition forces?"
Someone should look into it, if no one is currently worried by these things.

"In making its report to the American public"

That's what the milbloggers were doing before they were shut down.. good luck with your plan.


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