Friday, September 23, 2005

Syria blames U.S. for Iraq infiltrators

"UNITED NATIONS, Sept 23 (Reuters) - Syria blamed the United States on Friday for guerrilla infiltrations into Iraq, saying Washington had failed to secure the other side of the Iraqi-Syrian border or provide promised technical help.

Syrian ambassador Fayssal Mekdad told the United Nations his country had deployed thousands of soldiers in an effort to secure the lengthy desert border and had intercepted many attempted infiltrators.

"In return, those who ceaselessly hurl accusations against Syria have failed to shoulder their responsibility to ensure effective control on the borders from the other side," he said in an address to the 191-nation U.N. General Assembly.

"Although some did promise to assist us and provide technical equipment for border control, they have failed to come through on their promises," Mekdad added."


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