Friday, September 23, 2005

Houston Gridlock

"Houston Gridlock

I have quite a story and it has only begun. We were leaving yesterday and my daughter got sick. She was throwing up and had the shits. We had 2 cars packed with pictures, necessities, 2 kids, 3 dogs, 4 birds, a gerbil, and a frog. I had stocked the car with water and instant type food not knowing what we would encounter. She could not drive and kids were freaking about leaving animals behind. I called her hubby who is separated and living in Chicago. I told him to come immediately. He jumped on a plane and arrived at 7 pm. .

At 4 this morning we left in order to run from Rita. We hit gridlock. We had 2 cars and then my daughter’s co worker and her kids came. They had dogs, cats and a truck. So our caravan began. We had reservations in Livingston. At 7 pm we had to pull over. Truck was out of gas and daughter and 1 child and dogs were sick. We pulled over in Dayton which means we are about 40 miles from the coast. We have another 60 miles to go."
H/T PebblePie
I'm sorry to my regular readers, but the storm has just grabbed my attention. We will be back to the regular programming once this is over, or as the situation requires.


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