Thursday, July 28, 2005

This Sucks!!!

"Power is out again for like billionth time, this time for 2 days at least, cuz some ass wipe hit the line with an earthmover 74 times or something. So we are all looking for space to sleep in the office and we have to be here at like 6 am. Sweet!!! So I went back to my room to get pillow, washing materials etc. and it was over 100 degrees inside the room. Are you shitting me?! Then to make matters even better the area where the big a-holes live, the "brass" so to speak, they got power to there roms miraculously. I wonder how many are on missions before sun-up. I love it here. But I am not sick or hurt so I got that goin' for me."
Inside Iraq -spadepacolypse


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