Sunday, July 31, 2005

Chalabi's makeover places him near top

"BAGHDAD, Iraq — A tall Texas engineer in a John Deere cap and cowboy boots spoke slowly and a little too loudly to make sure a visiting Iraqi dignitary could grasp the mechanics of a power plant in a dusty village south of Baghdad.

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi listened calmly to the contractor's carefully enunciated syllables, the kind a teacher might use with an ignorant student. Then, the MIT-educated mathematician shot back with an eloquent stream of jargon-laced comments that made the engineer's eyes widen.

"So, can we see the turbines now?" Chalabi finished with a grin.

"Absolutely," the humbled Texan replied.

The contractor was only the latest American to learn lesson No. 1 in dealing with Chalabi: Never underestimate him. A year after observers pronounced him finished — spurned by one-time American sponsors and with no apparent political base in Iraq — Chalabi has emerged more powerful than ever."
The Seattle Times
Hey! no one is perfect, so don't blame us, we tried to do our best, but sometimes trying is not enough.


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