Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Contribution By Raed Jarrar

Dear MadTom.

I like your idea of opening the door for other people to post blogs on your site!
it's such a cool idea.

Thank you for your prompt response on your comment section. I hope you'll clarify the misunderstanding on my blog, and khalid's blog. Because some people thought you were accusing us of supporting terrorism.

anyway, I'll put an interesting link now, to a blog of a US guardsman who got arrested because of his anti-war blog, and he was fined too.

I'm sure any person who believes in the freedom of speech wouldn't think this is a good idea.

you can visit his blog here.


Blogger madtom said...

Raed, Of all people on the net, you get the honor of being the first to avail themselves of the opportunities offered here at This Fucking War. Thank you for you post, but in the future, please read a little more so that we don't get repeat post. As this subject has already been covered here and I don't see anything new in your post. Please try and keep up.

4:32 PM  

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