Thursday, May 12, 2005

Travels In Iraq: Taji

"LTC Bob continues his inspections of Iraqi weapons dumps, traveling this week to the Taji Rocket and Missile Component Factory

Taji, located 30 km North of Baghdad, was the primary location for Iraq's indigenous long-range missile program. Activities included air frame design, construction and modification, and liquid fuel rocket engine development and production. UNSCOM teams destroyed prohibited missiles, support systems, development and construction equipment, and specialized tools and dies.

Iraq was planning to build a 1,000-machine production centrifuge cascade at Taji. Based on performance achieved by the Iraqis with their prototype centrifuge, IAEA estimated the potential output of a 1,000 centrifuge cascade at about ten kilograms of weapons-grade highly enriched uranium annually.

Here are a few pictures from my trip to Taji last week and around Camp Victory today.

More of LTC Bob's travels in Iraq will be posted as they come in."
Silflay Hraka


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