Thursday, May 12, 2005

Make a Difference

"Right now, there are people in Cuba taking great risks to themselves and their families because they not only question their totalitarian government but they dare to unite and collaborate for a change to their society. On the 20th of May, Cuba's true Independence Day, these people, these groups will convene an unprecedented meeting in a country where just two individuals gathered together subjects them to dire reprisals from their government. Yet despite all possible forms of mistreatment from the castro regime, despite their very lives being at risk, they are determined to come together and take the first true steps to foster the establishment of a civil society in Cuba.

The government of fidel castro will undoubtedly do everything in its power to hamper the efforts of these brave individuals. There is only one thing that will force fidel castro to permit this desperate act of defiance against his government: the fear of condemnation from the world community.

This is your chance, as a blogger, as a citizen journalist, as a writer or reader, and most importantly as a freedom loving human being to make a difference. Take the press release quoted below and spread it around. Post it on your site, link to it here or at the Assembly's site, send it via emails, read it aloud at the top of your lungs on a street corner.

Let the oppressors know that the world is watching."
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