Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pentagon: Insurgents in Western Iraq Better Trained, More Willing to Fight

"By Al Pessin

A senior U.S. general says insurgents fighting a coalition offensive in western Iraq appear to be better trained and equipped and more willing to fight, than most insurgent forces seen in the country in the past.

The chief of operations for the U.S. military, Lieutenant General James Conway, says the U.S. forces trying to root out insurgents in the northwestern corner of Al-Anbar Province are engaged in what he calls a “significant battle” against a “willful and capable” insurgency. In this offensive, code named Operation Matador, General Conway says the U.S. military is finding some new developments among the insurgents.

“There are reports that these people are in uniforms, in some cases are wearing protective vests, and there’s some suspicion that their training exceeds that of what we have seen with other engagements further east,” he said.
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