Saturday, May 07, 2005


"I can think of no better word to describe fidel castro. He is a pimp. The man in control while his country whores itself to desperate Johns. The latest John being one Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who has forked out his usurped wads of cash to be serviced by the Caribbean's very best and only 46 year old brothel.

The Pimp will do anything for oil, you see, while the John just wants to be pleasured and lavished with praise, made out to be a key player on the World's stage.

It's an expensive transaction for both however. As one sells his country's morality and the other uses his counry's future as legal tender.

Go and read this post at Venezuela News and Views, where Daniel has basically risked his well being by translating an editorial by Milagros Socorro that explains my metaphor above."
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