Thursday, May 26, 2005

Medya Predicts the future

"another thing !

if you may heared Iran's Fm (Foriegn Minster) had visted Baghdad just after US FM , Dr.Rice.
I had told my friends something is going behind the scences between Iran and USA.

and today I heard this in the news "Iran to Start WTO Entry Talks After U.S. Drops Opposition"

you know , the USA has vetoed Iran to enter to WTO (Wold Trade Organization) , the last 25 times -in the last 25 years- but this year , but this year ....but this year ....yeaaa
USA didnt veto it and let Iran to enter WTO

this is so strange because just yesterday , US Fm -Rice and Iran Fm , Kharazi had a verbal fight , Rice called kharazi "Terrorist" and "Kharazi" called "Rice" a child female who hasnt growned up."
Medya Daily


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