Saturday, April 30, 2005

What's Next?

"I never had to use my grenades, but it sure was nice to know they were there. Plenty of other guys used them though, and I bet they were glad they had them. My AT-4 definitely came in handy after one of our Bradley’s got hit by a RPG. We unloaded everything we had on the house it originated from. Everything we had included two AT-4's, one of which was mine. Needless to say no more RPG’s were fired at us from that house, and the Bradley and the guys in it were able to move to safety. What if that happened today? I guess we could send in a negotiator asking the bad guys to please not shoot at us anymore. Or maybe we could get a UN resolution restricting the use of any form of shoulder-fired rocket. I’m sure all of the bad guys would comply as we no doubt would. “Akbar, put that RPG away, you know what the rule states, we can’t use shoulder fired rockets anymore. It would be unfair advantage over the American infidels who have taken them away from their soldiers.” “You’re right Mohammed, thank you for helping me do the right thing.”"
A Day in Iraq
New Milblogger, I just found, and this made me laugh.


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