Friday, March 04, 2005

Blog Cuba

Check out this new blog about Cuba
The Miramar Project I found it at Val's babalu blog
Val got this mail from the new bloggers:

My name's Loren Crowe, and I've enjoyed reading your blog for some time now. I'm currently finishing up my undergrad degree at Columbia University in New York, and have just launched a new website at I have the unfortunate distinction of having been a part of one of the last Study Abroad programs to la Universidad de la Habana that could be attended easily by American undergrads.
What I saw in my four months in Cuba still keeps me up at night. Even more horrible, I think, is that amount of Cuba disinformation that inhabits liberal American universities like mine.

I founded The Miramar Project with a young, liberal, academic audience in mind, and with the goal of creating a picture of real life in Cuba.
I can't do the kind of hard core advocacy that you do because I will alienate those that I'm trying to evangelize and lose the majority of my contributors. But, I believe that I have come upon a formula of subtle news, short features and photo essays, along with a growing collection of primary souce data that can be used by undergrads for their own research that may begin to chip away at the "Cult of Che" that dominates students' perceptions of Cuba.

Don't miss this Photo Essay it's great, and give you a look at Cuba that don't come from an exile.


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