Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Another "Dignity " Round-up

"Según las fuentes, las autoridades señalan que si los salarios en Cuba no son mayores de 15 dólares al mes y eres un joven que deberías estar estudiando o incorporado a los planes de la revolución, ¿de dónde sacas un reloj Seiko, una cadena y dientes de oro; una moto MZ, ropa Benetton y zapatillas Adidas?"
Babalu Blog
If this does not say it all, if there is still anyone out there that thinks that Cuba is a "workers paradise", with free education and medical services, well then there is just no hope for you or the people suffering under the Monster, and fucking asshole castro.
If Cuba under the regime of the fuck'en bastard is so great, then it should be easy for people to have nice cloth and a watch, and some stupid Adidas, and a scooter. Wake up world an look at what you have been supporting for the last 46 years. The Cuban people will will wake up from this nightmare one day, and demand and extract payment from all the supporters, for what has been done to us. You are all officially, on notice.


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