Monday, December 27, 2004

Attention Mosul

"Here, I wish to write about one of the events which happened a few days ago in Mosul. The events are as described to me by my brother about what he witnessed in one area of Mosul. In the University area, two persons were assaulted by some gunmen. The victims were abducted from a restaurant where they were taking their lunch and then killed in the public street. No one in the area could stop them or even tried to do anything more than watching in horror.

This is not the only killing incident which happened in Mosul, but what made me very interested to write about it is that the two men did not die immediately, but rather remained fallen on the street. No one came to help them. These two were accused of working with the Americans, and the gunmen, after the assault, put photographs which show the victims working with Americans. For fear, no one helped them even after they stayed a long time. Perhaps several hours later did one old man came and take them to the hospital."
Iraq Today


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