Thursday, November 18, 2004

Grow up people war is hell

You know I have read a lot of people burning on Sites, and I just don't agree. Sites is a great reporter, and he's got a great blog and has been doing a hell of a job as long as iv been reading his stuff.
To tell you the truth I have not read any interviews with him after the incident nor did I see him on TV or anything, I'm just going on the history I have or reading his blog. That said I have to admit that when the story broke the first thing that came to mind was "kevin what did you do"
but then I realized that all he did was report the news. It's the silly whiners that see a story about a war a freak, OMG there killing people over there. No shit.
So don't be so quick to shoot the messenger, just because some crazies did not like the message.
My answer to this is for there to be more images from the war, so people get a real look at what it's like, and not just the 15 sec blurb on the news.
Grow up people war is hell


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