Tuesday, November 16, 2004


A lot of things ran through my head that I wanted to say. "Sergeant Major, I've been in the Army for thirteen years and I've been on this shitbird deployment for nearly a year. We're both NCOs and I don't appreciate you addressing me like I'm a basic trainee. So why don't you take this form I've so diligently filled out, put your little scribble on it or whatever, and send me on my way. And I'm gonna leave my sunglasses on and you're gonna like it, got it? Oh, and by the way, fuck off you fascist fuck." I didn't actually say this, but instead I compacted it all into one handy phrase as I removed my sunglasses.

What's ironic is the locals in my area believe that my base is protected by a force field (I'm not kidding), so they never attack it, but regardless we have to wear full body armor all the time when we move around on the base
Welcome back, maybe they have seen the error of there ways...naaa


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