Monday, October 18, 2004

Early Voting

Update: 6/11/05
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I went down to the library today to Vote in the General Election, and the place was swamped with people, I took a number, there was about 100 people in front of me, so I waited for like an hour, and like 10-20 people went through the line. I don't think the library realized what a response they would get, and only had like 10 voting machines setup and three people at the desk. The staff was OK and had everything organized, they were getting people through the desk line fast.
But the wait for the machine was long. It's a big long ballot here in the state of Florida, 5 of the machines were setup for that precinct only, they were empty and the last five were for the rest of us. And that library is the only early voting place in my city, I think I heard that they had 20 places throughout the county.
I left without voting, And plan to try again tomorrow at a different time.
I wonder if the traffic was like that all day or what?
I went at 5 after work with 2 hours till closing, I thought I had plenty of time to vote, but so did every one else.. I hope it's a trend.
I talked to a few people in the line and they said that this year was the first time they had voted, if they are anything like my brother, that never votes, but registered this year just to vote against Bush, he's going to be fighting an up hill battle all the way.
I hope that tomorrow they set up more machines, 5 is definitely not enough.



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