Sunday, October 17, 2004


Now, do we have a right, as Iraqis to express our opinion about the U.S. elections, which are of course an entirely internal affair for the American people? Or are they?
It seems to me, that since this matter is going to have a direct impact on our lives and very existence and since the U.S. government and people have seen fit to intervene and initiate this profound revolution in our country; it would not be extravagant nor incorrect for us even to demand to take part in those elections, rhetorically speaking of course.



Blogger Black coffee & a smoke... said...

In a word, Yes.

8:06 PM  
Blogger augurwell said...

*** * ***

Howard Government Wins The Unseating of the Howard Government was a major target and concern of the anti-coalition wing.

From top to bottom the left wingist, the terrorist, the UN Nationals, and the ' debate and wait'
crowd needed to take down the Australian Allied government

The timing of the Australian re-election in relation to the American election is an indicator of the ground swell.

For three years now we have been in the back rooms blogging it out with those strange creatures who are
opposed to bringing law and order to the world and to the Middle East in particular. ( The ones who make something out of the Han Blix affairs or the Illegality of the Liberation. )

The anti-Coalitionists were smugly proclaiming the up coming election as the end of the Coalition.

Like the election results in Canada the Australian re-election indicates the general vote in Allied Nations is to "Stay the Way "

Global Emergency Service*
.|. .

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Blogger madtom said...

"the Illegality of the Liberation."

This is something I just don't understand, How can the random whims of some bloody dictator be not only legal but moral? And the liberation of that population be illegal and immoral? I might be a lefty and I am voting to change the administration, but it has nothing to do with the decision to invade, or the idea of bringing democracy to the M.E., It has to do with a belief that Kerry will do a much better and transparent job of it. I keep thinking of those movies that Kerry made in or about his tour of duty. And I think about the modern incarnation of that Idea the Blog. He should be less afraid of this new technology.
Not to mention Bush's domestic policies initiatives all of which I reject as antiquated and reactionary.


6:33 PM  
Blogger Black coffee & a smoke... said...

MadTom...That was damned well said.

6:37 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

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Blogger madtom said...

I walked into my house tonight and turned on the tube, and there's Bush on C-SPAN at today's campaign speech.
And he said something that sent me to the puter to get a quote so I could post it, and explain why in his own words his strategy was a failure. but for some reason I could not find a copy, maybe it will be up tomorrow, anyway I did go to Bush/Cheney campaign page, and saw a link to the Bush blog, so I went right to the Kerry blog, and low and behold there it was.
Right there you can see the difference between the two.
Bush then go to Kerrylook for yourself, Bush's blog does not have comments
and Kerry's blog does.
That puts Bush in the same category as the Jarrar blog's.


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