Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swedish forces in Afganistan in action last night

Swedish and Finish troops were attacked by Afgan resistance forces this night. The battle continued through the whole night and ended in the morning. Three rebels were killed according to the home Page of the Swedish Armed Forces.
The rebels attacked around nine pm (local time). It was a Swedish group of soldiers that was shot at close to Balkh, west from Masar-e-Sharif. One armoured vehicle under the name RG32 nicknamed "Galten" was shot at by what was believed to be both firearms and by anti tank grenades.

One Swedish unit with a tank joined by Finish troops were sent to the area as a reinforcement. The battle continued through whole night, sometimes intense, sometimes calm. In the morning the Swedish and Finish troops were reported to have secured the area.

No Swedish or Finish soldiers are reported to by ínjured. Two injured and three killed rebels were found after the battle. The injured were given first aid by the Swedish-Finish troops. One of the injured rebels was sent to the German base Marmal for continued care.

The place of the battle is now investigated by the Swedish military-police. The Afgan military and police is also there now.

The Swedish-Finish force that was involved in the fighting is now on its way to reassemble in the camp Northerns Lights in Mazar-e-Sharif.

Stockholm News


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