Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Fight and a Fark

"18 Jan 07

Yesterday I had so much in my blog, I had to save some news for today. It all started yesterday at the airport when all of our trucks were waiting to enter the flight line and head out to unload the plane. The 4th truck was parked on a slight incline, and instead of going forward, it rolled back and hit the fifth truck. The bumpers touched, and I don’t think there was even a scratch, but the driver of truck 5 (we’ll call him “5”) jumped out and started yelling at the driver of truck 4 (and of course we’ll call him “4”). 4 got out to look at the damage, and 5 got in his face and started yelling. We all saw a fight was brewing, and as we started to get out of our vehicles, 5 punched 4 right in the nose. I ran up to them and started yelling. Meanwhile, a second guy in truck four had slid over into the driver’s seat and started heading out, leaving his buddy behind. I yelled at 5 and pointed at his truck. He promptly threw his half-eaten orange at 4, and then got in his truck to follow the convoy. We ran to our vehicle with 4 and all jumped in. I jumped in too fast and smacked the side of my head against the door jam, giving myself a massive headache for the rest of the day. 4 had a nice bloody nose, and we got him cleaned up while heading out to the plane."
Afghanistan Without a Clue


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