Tuesday, November 06, 2012

O v R

Oh no I'm looking at the map in Florida and as of right now there is only 314 vote between O and R, with O having the advantage. That would mean if the trend holds throughout the night that Florida will have to have a recount. It's looking like we might break the election again. I can just see it now Obama v Romney...maybe this time it will set a president.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

buy ammo and food stores. Romney was only a delaying tactic at best. We are in for hard times. Forget the year of our lord.....it's just gonna be hard times. I suggest 12 gauge, but some opt for numbers over delivery per load. Obama will only speed up the inevitable. We will see the day when we realize that the most prosperous and powerful nation was paid for on a credit card that reached it's limit. I'm done being sad about that, I prefer to be prepared for that.

2:16 AM  
Blogger madtom said...

I say they won, let them have everything they want. let all the tax cuts expire. cut all the military spending. jump feet first over the cliff, raise taxes close all the coal power plants. I mean they should do that one tomorrow. and just tell people that it will take a few day to get the power back on, just as soon as we build enough windmills..

9:55 PM  

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