Monday, June 18, 2012

Egypt military to complete coup by announcing Shafiq as winner: Report

The Egyptian military is planning to complete its coup against the revolution by preparing to announce former Premier Ahmed Shafiq as the winner of the presidential election, reports say.

The reports say that the ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) has already made necessary arrangements with the US to complete its planned coup by placing Shafiq ahead of Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi in the race.

Meanwhile, the SCAF has also warned the Egyptians against holding protests after the release of election results. The judiciary has reportedly authorized the junta to make arrests in case of unrest.

As another part of the plan to derail the revolution, on the second and final day of voting, the SCAF announced its decision to issue an amended constitutional declaration, allowing it to remain in control of the country’s legislation and state budget.

The army's recent efforts to remain in power come while the it had vowed to hand over power to the country’s elected president on July 1. The military junta announced on Saturday its decision to dissolve the Egyptian parliament that was dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The junta handed legislative power to the parliament in January.

On Saturday, Egyptian authorities detained several people for allegedly distributing “invisible ink” pens in polling stations.

According to Secretary General of the Supreme Presidential Elections Commission Hatem Bagato, the ink that had been distributed among the voters with the aim of damaging the election process fades hours after writing.

For weeks, many Egyptians have feared that Shafiq is the undeclared candidate of the junta and that the military-appointed election committee overseeing the election will rig the vote in favor of Shafiq.



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