Saturday, April 07, 2012

Shit house poetry

"So writing inside port-a-johns and latrines has existed in the Army since the beginning of time, I'm pretty sure. Some stuff starts and carries across the planet (POST IS GAY, GILBERT PUMPS CATS, etc.), other stuff is localized. It happens. Dudes are bored and/or frustrated and writing on a plastic wall with a sharpie is a way for them to vent. It's harmless as far as I'm concerned - I've never seen anything extraordinarily offensive. Sometimes, you get told to take a can of spray paint and go coat the shitter walls - then people write over it, whatever. It's part of deployment life. Of course, if you have a slow OPTEMPO and a unit full of staff officers and NCOs with nothing better to do, then shit gets stupid. Really stupid. Posting guards 24/7 on every shitter on the FOB type stupid."
Fobbits need Ice cream (Two)


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