Sunday, March 11, 2012

India And The Secret SOCOM Deal

March 8, 2012: The Indian government admitted that its counter-terrorism forces have been working with the American SOCOM (Special Operations Command). This sort of thing is touchy in India, especially with the local Communist Party. Throughout the Cold War, India claimed it was neutral but bought a lot of weapons from the Soviet Union (Russia) and were big believers in socialism and central planning (as well as democracy). In the last two decades, India has become less socialist, more prosperous, and more inclined to buy Western weapons.
Another trend during the last two decades has been Pakistani use of Islamic terrorists against India. This has caused a lot of ill-will between the two countries, especially because Pakistan denies that it is supporting Islamic terrorists, despite the growing mountain of evidence to the contrary. This has pushed India to form closer relationships with other nations under heavy attack by Islamic terrorists. This includes Israel, the United States, and many other Western countries.

Because SOCOM is one of the major players in the war against Islamic terrorism, India was interested in sharing information and techniques. Thus the quiet trips to India by Special Forces personnel. Some Indian operators have also travelled to the United States. This counter-terrorism work includes intelligence collecting, which Special Forces operators are well trained to perform. But this also imposes a lot of secrecy.

Actually, SOCOM has some relationships with most nations in the region. But India, being the local superpower, and under the heaviest attack by Islamic terrorists, is the one place where SOCOM most wants to be, as often as it can manage. India offers unique and copious information on Pakistan and other neighbors. The cooperation was sought by counter-terrorism organizations from both nations.



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