Monday, January 09, 2012

TSA defends banning cupcake from airplane

"I wanted to make it clear that this wasn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill cupcake." blogs TSA Blogger Bob Burns today, defending the TSA's "Cupcate-Gate," incident against critics.

According to the story that went viral during the Christmas holiday, a TSA agent confiscated the cupcake from Rebecca Hains, a teacher who planned to feed it to her son on the plane.

“The TSA at Logan Airport said the cupcakes looked delicious and told us to have a great trip. But in Las Vegas, they were dangerous. They shouldn’t be delicious in one part of the country and a security threat in the other.” Hains said at the time

Burns defended the decision, clarifying that this cupcake was in a jar, prompting a different reaction from the TSA agent.

"Unlike a thin layer of icing that resides on the top of most cupcakes, this cupcake had a thick layer of icing inside a jar." he wrote, "The officer in this case used their discretion on whether or not to allow the newfangled modern take on a cupcake per 3-1-1 guidelines. They chose not to let it go."

And in case you are outraged by these incidents, Burns reminds people to be sensitive of TSA agents.

"Every officer wants to finish their shift and go home with the peace of mind that they kept potential threats off of airplanes." he wrote. "They’re not thinking about whether their decisions will go viral on the internet."

Washington Examiner

Now the TSA has the power to regulate food, to say what is or what is not a cupcake..America will never be the same.


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