Sunday, June 26, 2011

Le Figaro: Hizbullah Moving Arsenal from Syria to Lebanon

Hizbullah is moving its arsenal from Syria over fears that the anti-Assad demonstrations would lead to regime change, a Western expert closely following up Iranian-Syrian ties told the French daily Le Figaro on Saturday.

The expert confirmed that Western intelligence had monitored the movement of trucks from the Syrian border to eastern Lebanon’s Bekaa valley.

The trucks are allegedly transporting Iranian-made Zelzal, Fajr 3 and Fajr 4 rockets that the Shiite party had amassed in depots in Syria.

Le Figaro said that Hizbullah’s logistics units based in Syria were helping the party move its arsenal.

However, it said that Damascus and Tehran have lately doubted that the transfer of arms to Hizbullah has been monitored by U.S. and Israeli satellites.

In an effort to confront the surveillance, Syrian intelligence units and Iran’s al-Quds Force have established a central command at the Damascus airport, Le Figaro added.



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