Sunday, May 01, 2011

Saudis hold anti-govt. protests

Saudi nationals have taken to the streets of an eastern village in Saudi Arabia to hold anti-government protests and call for an end to military presence in Bahrain.

Hundreds attended the rally in Awamiyah on Saturday to demand basic human rights and freedom of expression in their country, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The demonstrators urged implementation of reforms and the release of political prisoners.

They also voiced outrage at the kingdom's invasion of Bahrain -- a move, which Riyadh took in March to help Manama quell anti-government protests there.

Saudi protesters have been holding rallies against the monarchy across the kingdom -- namely in Awamiyah and the city of Qatif, also in the east -- over the past few months.

The protesters condemn Riyadh's continued imprisonment of people without charge and its suppression of women's rights. The unemployed have been calling for job opportunities and their share of the biggest Arab economy's oil income.

Such protests are usually suppressed by security forces. Earlier in the month, a Human Rights Watch report said the authorities had arrested over 160 activists since February.



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