Saturday, April 23, 2011

You know, reading the news, I'm getting like a bad vive.

Did the campaign really start already...

You think the Maya were on to something?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to the party.... my bad vibe goes way back, but intensified 3 years ago. Maya have nothing to do with it, though historical observation leads one to the conclusion that natural calamities from droughts, volcanoes, meteor strikes and such do happen in imprecise cycles that perhaps they were made aware of by some source, but societal collapses do as well and the world is now one big society on the verge. I have always thought that the move to make nations more interconnected was foolish and counter to the whole 'survival of the species' goal. Convert dollars to gold, ammo, seeds, livestock and be prepared. It may not collapse and you may feel foolish, but then again... on the bright side, if things do go to hell, the feral hog problem will solve itself.

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