Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poppy Time

"It is Saturday, the 9th of April here in the sunny paradise of Afghanistan and both Kandahar and Kabul are in UN declared “White City” status as the locals braced for another round of anti-American protests in response to the Koran burning in Florida. I’m in Kandahar where all is quiet after Thursday’s spectacular attack on an ANP compound. Once again the Taliban used an ambulance bomb to get through police and ISAF cordons, then detonated it inside the incident scene. I’m guessing they’ll pull that trick about 10 more times before the good guys catch on. The Taliban still suck at fighting, but they are getting pretty slick with the tactical planning.

We aren’t too worried about protests in the South – a look at last week’s stats from Sami the Finn at Indicium Consulting shows why:"


Anonymous cheap pc games said...

I don't know why Taliban are doing these interventions. I was really embarrassed for the burning of the Koran. That was really very impatient and reckless to those who are concern with the bible.

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