Monday, December 29, 2008

Spillover Discussion

"I'm having an exchange of comments with an Iranian hardoce pan-Shia known as 'Justice', because of Eyeraki's comments moderation policy, which requires us to wait for him to approve all comments, slowing down these debates a bit, I thought we should continue the discussion here.

in response to another Shia, Abdulamir, who copied an angry statement of mine targeting al-Hussein bin Ali, I thought it should be fitting to outline my stance towards the Prophet's companions, and because some of my comments are blasphemous, Eyeraki, who is an observant Muslim, did not opt to publish them, I reprint my comment here for the annoyance of disinterested vistior."

Great discussion in the comments about the Shi'a/Sunni divide that people keep telling dose not exist.
Why not be Suchi?

My Question:


Why not be Suchi?

Beyond my own curiosity, I would really like to know what your response would be if presented with such a choice?

Would you pretend to be something other than yourself, just for polite society?

Or in your opinion was there something darker behind it, than just polite society?


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