Monday, July 07, 2008

An Iraqi Girl Offers Advice To American Soldiers in Iraq

"A 19-year-old Iraqi girl and Baghdad resident blogging at MySpace, had this advice for American soldiers in Iraq (thanks to Jason Lemieux)...

"Hey what's up? Well u know I was born in Baghdad and I witnessed every war that my country has been through and I have collected few notes about the US soldiers behavior and how they treat my people based on what I've SEEN in my neighborhood hopefully these notes will help make a difference..

First of all, I have met some nice soldiers since 2003 but there are still others that are not so nice so this is a message for them which I hope it won't piss u off or give u any bad feeling bc we cannot develop if we didn't figure out what our problems are!

So Let's start from searching houses, I wish u showed a little more respect to the families that live peacefully in their houses when u'r breaking in their own houses and u need lessons to learn distinguish between good and bad people since u miss the bad gangs sometimes and disrespect the good once.

Make sure not to scare women and children and why leaving the house in such a big mess like if an earth quake just happened! That's not what a friend would do ( since u'r our friends that u came to help us as u always say though u haven't proved it yet!!!)

And to come to the most important part, the way u search the house is nothing but a waste of time BECAUSE u don't search the garden, u don't search the roof of the house and u don't search the back yard of the house! So what r u doing? People can hide their guns and everything and even the bad people u'r looking for from u so easily and u'll leave the house with empty hands and then wonder where did they get their weapons from and how could they hide them from u!!!!!!!!"
IBC ~Mister Ghost


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