Thursday, April 27, 2006

Migra come to town

Well I guess we should all feel so much safer this week, migra come to town. That's right the immigration police has been canvassing this neighborhood. And there is one sure sign of there presents, closed businesses and empty construction sites. But not only that there are also empty restaurants, and amazingly light attendance at schools, supply houses and hardware stores are seeing the biggest drop on sales in thier lives. And to top it off legal residents and natural born citizens of this great country are sitting at home, layoff. Why would you ask are the legal workers being layoff, well the companies cant work with just a few of the workers, so while the migra is canvassing the area no one gets to work. This administration is it's worst enemy.

And of all the stupid moves by this administration I think this is one of the worst timed ones. Right now people are trying desperately to get their roof finished from damage from the last hurricane, before the next one hits. And guess where the migras been dubbing thier efforts, roofing companies.


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