Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Civil War, Sectarian Strife, and "Liberation"!

"It was a sunny, cool, and beautiful day till the bad news was spread in allover the country. "One of the most revered shrines in Shiite Islam was bombed early this morning, causing the collapse of its dome," I heard the anchor saying on radio saw while I was going back to the office after a short assignment. Here is news again. I did not expect that this time it is not a mere explosion. It was worse than that.

When I returned back to the office, I started working on gathering the information and then my bureau chief assigned me to write the story to the web.

The first footage I saw was shown on the CNN taken from a local Iraqi channel, Al-Masar. I was shocked by the fact that a huge part of the shrines of Imam Ali al-Hadi and his son Hasan al-Askari were damaged by the bombs. Iron bars poking into the sky were all that was left. I did not have a good feeling and thought this might be the spark unless Iraqis understand that this is what their enemies really want. "I hope they don't reach their goals," I said within myself of the terrorists act. But I was wrong. What happened was not so much expected until the Shiite Marjiya [religious authorities], the Sunni clergymen and politicians, and the educated people showed up on TV and radio stations. They called on Iraqis to be aware of the danger and to have self control. However, attacks against Sunnis have already started."
Treasure of Baghdad


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