Thursday, October 13, 2005's special report on the Iraqi constitution from Suleimani

"Suleimani ( 14/10/2005 - A high number of professional Kurds would not participate in tomorrow's Iraqi constitution draft referendum, according to reporter in Suleimani, in south [Iraqi] Kurdistan. managed to obtain a paperback-copy of the Kurdish draft of the Iraqi constitution, in which only 200 000 out of 1 Million were delivered to Kurdistan. The 63 pages document is a translation of the Arabic version of the current constitution draft which will be put to be voted on tomorrow in a popular referendum throughout Iraq and Kurdistan. The document which was supposed to be distributed with the monthly food ratio in September, is very hard to obtain in a large city like Suleimani. had to contact a few high ranking members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in order to get a copy of the Kurdish version of the constitution. Many ordinary citizens have not yet seen the document which they are going to vote on tomorrow."
The Kurdistani
All of a sudden I feel guilty, I've had the silly thing posted here from day one...And the people that really needed a copy cant seem to find one. But if your unsure what the damn thing says then go vote, vote fucken NO, it's a lot better than not voting at all and not telling the MAN that you did not have time to read and understand the thing. Vote NO.


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