Friday, October 21, 2005

The Baghdad Breeze....

"I aint sure if this blog will get published or not since I have written quite a few in the past few weeks and whenever I hit that Publish button everything goes down the drains, and that just peeved me off. Anyways, Constitution Day was on Saturday and I VOTED, YAAAAAAAAAY. I didnt think I would be allowed to vote since I havent registered but hey I aint complaining. We went as a group from work, at first we thought we could cast our votes in the convention center in the GZ, but as we got in line, a guy came up to us and asked whether we were members of the National Assembly. We shook our heads, and said no, so apparantely the place was just for VIP's but after 3pm regular people could go in. We decided that it was far much of a hassle to wait and decided to go and vote in one of the schools that was a voting center."
Neurotic Iraqi Wife
The more I read about that referendum, the more I dislike it. What a disservice to those who paved the way.


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Madtom--I'm fast becoming a fan of your site. It is a terrific resource and you have turned me on to some great blogs I have been missing. Thanks again for the effort!

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