Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sunnis Risk Lives Over Iraq Constitution

"MOSUL, Iraq (AP) - The risks were obvious to the Sunni Arabs gathered in the U.S. military base to discuss Iraq's draft constitution.

A suicide car bomber had recently killed a State Department security agent and three private American guards in this city, Mosul. An Iraqi civilian working at the base had been shot and killed for being a collaborator, officials said.

And most of the Iraqi journalists invited to cover the U.S. ambassador's visit to Iraq's northern province of Nineva didn't show up, apparently because they feared driving through areas dominated by Sunni-led insurgents.

Nevertheless, a small group of local Sunni Arabs sat in a private room inside Courage Base on Sunday, doing something that wouldn't have been possible under Saddam Hussein: discussing a new draft constitution for Iraq and the pros and cons of democracy."


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