Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Life or something like it

"Hello again, finally.. It's been 15 days in which I was planning what I should write and shouldn't. 15 days outside Iraq, full of fun and trying to analyze things. But I'm back now, and I have to write the post.

More than a month ago, we signed for a tour to Turkey, we paid the money and waited for the people at the tourism company to get us the visas (Which is part of their job). It took so much time and finally 20 days ago, they told us they might not be able to do it at all and so we took back our money and changed the destination to Syria. It was the easiest alternative, close to Mosul, and doesn't need a visa."
A Star From Mosul
Welcome back, hope you had a nice time.
On a separate note, it's good to hear that Syria has that border problem fixed! Shit you don't even need a visa.


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